World tour of Thomas, by Hitch-hiking

Alone, by hitch-hiking, from sept. 2006 to sept. 2007

30 septembre 2006


I spent around 10 days in Senegal.

First stop in Saint Louis, where the aviation pionneers stopped on their way to Buenos Aires and South America. This is a colonial city, surrounded by water, I really liked it.

Then, I stopped in Thiès, at 70 km from Dakar. I was welcomed by the friends of the guy who gave me a lift, from Layoun ( Morroco) to Senegal. They accepted as a member of their family and really appreciated the time I spent over there.

Aftewards, I reached Dakar. I went to the "slave island" (Goree Island), which is really beautiful. Them I started to carry out research to find a boat to reach Brazil. I tried with sailing ship and huge tankers but nothing worked. Sailors are waiting the Alysées in January to cross the Atlantic and it is really complicated to board on container ship...

I finally took the plane from Dakar to Rio de Janeiro, via Lisbon and Porto.

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