World tour of Thomas, by Hitch-hiking

Alone, by hitch-hiking, from sept. 2006 to sept. 2007

19 septembre 2006


The crossing of the Morroco and Mauritanian border was far from being easy. There is a no man's land of 3 kilometers, without any real road. We got lost and we got sanded up in the first sand dune. After one hour of efforts, we finally reached the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, exhausted.

I discovered for the first time sand dunes and we met four german guys, skiing on these dunes. We spent two days together, including one night in the ugly Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania.

Then, we went south to enter Senegal. It was one more time really difficult because we wanted to enter the territory with an old car, which is not allowed any more. We finally managed to change the French plates of the car into Mauritanian ones. We did that operation in the middle of nowhere, at 20 kilometer from Diama.

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